SV exporting tech is the culmination of the achievment of believing in yourself.

SV is about believing yo can do what you cannot achieve. Because you are not that person yet. You are You.1.0. You 2.0 is who you will be.

America is about what yo ucan do when you…

Are there Negative dimensions of space? Yes.

  1. Antispace is intertwined with Space.
  2. Antispace interacts with Space.
  3. Negative dimensions are intertwined with Positive dimensions of space.
  4. Negative dimensions interact with Positive dimensions of Space.
  5. AntiNegative dimensions of space interact with AntiSpace and Negative dimensions of space and normative space.
  6. AntiNegative dimensions…

Dark matter implies the existence of dark antimatter. Can Dark matter exist without the creation of antidark matter? If we conclude that there is dark matter, then there is antidark matter. The existence of antidark matter implies antidimensional space.


Just as antimatter is a function of antidimensional space, antidark…

Conservation of Energy implies AntiDimensional Space

If energy is conserved, then Dark Energy has an equal and opposite form of energy. The equal and opposite form of energy would be Anti-Dark Energy.

If an equal and opposite form of energy exists, then there are equal and opposite dimensions of space…

Space and The Dimensions of Antispace Intersect to Create Gravitational Voids

Matter and antimatter are relatively defined. Antidimensional space is defined relative to space.

What happens at the intersection of space and antispace?

Dimensions of space intersect with antidimensional space to create a dimensional void.

Within the area of intersection, gravitational forces are negated. The expansion of space accelerates.

When particles…

A limiting effect on the expansion of the universe due to the creation of dark energy is the concomitant creation of dark matter. Dark energy and dark matter occur due to the equal and opposite creation of positive and negative dimension. Definition is a function of equal and opposite relativity, so fluctuation of dimension defines positive and negative dimension. Anti-dimensional space is defined relative to normative space. What affect does the change in anti-dimensional space have on normative space? Is there a 10% cancellation affect? A 92% cancellation affect?

We may find that the calculation of the expansion of the universe is consistent with the theory that ‘dark energy is a function of quantum fluctuation’; meaning that a fluctuation in dimension is the equal and opposite creation of dimension and anti-dimensional space.

gregory malley

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