The Asymmetry of Matter and Antimatter: Its not about Breaking CPT Symmetry

gregory malley
3 min readJun 6, 2020


Space and The Dimensions of Antispace Intersect to Create Gravitational Voids

Matter and antimatter are relatively defined. Antidimensional space is defined relative to space.

What happens at the intersection of space and antispace?

Dimensions of space intersect with antidimensional space to create a dimensional void.

Within the area of intersection, gravitational forces are negated. The expansion of space accelerates.

When particles rush into the void, there is an imbalance of matter particles relative to antimatter particles. The intersection of space and antispace will result in an asymmetry

Filling the void by equal amounts of particles is not required.

The cartoon diagram which follows depicts more matter than antimatter present in the intersected space.

In figure 1, matter particles exist in space (dotted orb) and antimatter particles exist in antidimensional space (solid line orb). In figure 2, space and antidimensional space intersect. An unequal quantity of matter particles and antimatter particles migrate into the area of intersection. In figure 3, there is particle and antiparticle collision. In this cartoon, a matter and antiparticle annihilate. A matter particle remains in the intersected space. In figure 4, the orbs of dimensional space have rotated. A matter particle remains in the normative dimensional space. An antiparticle remains in the antidimensional space.

Annihilation = plasma energy+ particle.

Is plasma creation from the annihilation of a particle with an antiparticle, which occurs through the intersection of space and antidimensional space, dark energy?

Experimental Data Requiring New Physics

When dimensional space and antidimensional space intersect, space and antispace annihilate. The surrounding space is pushed outward. There is antigravitational moment in dimensional space and in antidimensional space.

In particle collision resulting in antimatter production due to the intersection of space and anti-space we may see the affect of a gravitational void on Higgs Loop Correction calculations.

Higgs Loop Correction calculations can be explained by the annihilation of space by anti-space. The anti-gravitational effect has an affect on the measurement of mass.

Anomalies in the radioactive decay of beryllium-8 and helium-4 point to the existence of a new force of nature. The intersection of space and antispace is not a new force, but it may look like it. The force could be characterized as an antiforce.

Push as particles come into space. So momentum +

Particles zoom away because of gravity cancellation.

The uncancelled particles accumulate as Dark Matter.

Due to intersection of space and antispace particles intermingle:

  1. Cancelled particles generate a plasma observed as dark energy.

2. Uncancelled particles generate a gravitational effect attributed todark matter.

Equations to follow.


Voids are untransversable by gravity. (Or electromagnetic waves as changes in a field are mediated by a change in dimension: electromagnetism and gravity are communicated by changes in dimension; a field is a set of equal and opposite relative dimensions).

After intersection end up with more matter than anti-particles.

Definition requires equal and opposite relativity.