There isn’t just ‘Space’: There is nSpace and antiSpace

Experimental Verification

The (overlap of the) interference pattern, which we observe when a particle interferes with itself, could be evidence that there is nSpace and antiSpace. The implication is that the nSpace and antiSpace components of the particle (which is a field disturbance) cancel.

The hypothesis is that the interference pattern of a particle with itself is equivalent to the overlap of space and antispace, of quantum fluctuation and antifluctuation.

A possible explanation for the difference between the observed and the calculated energy of quantum fluctuations (which is calculated to be far more than what is observed in respect to the expansion of the universe) is that there is nSpace and antiSpace.

Does this differential match up with the observed interference pattern of a particle’s perturbation of nSpace and antispace?

We can calculate the amplitude of nSpace and antiSpace as a function of a particle’s interference pattern. (Is it always the same for all particles?) Is that interference sufficient to account for the difference. Annihilation would be almost complete, except for what shows up on the fringes. The fringes are where it (the nSpace and antispace fluctuations) do not cancel.

Quantum Tunneling is the overlap of n1Space and antiSpace. In this opening, the electron is redefined in n2Space, the area defined after the intersection of n1Space and antiSpace. The rate of occurrence of quantum tunneling matches up with the over estimation of quantum energy production from the fluctuation of space; 1/chance of tunneling = observed dark energy emission / predicted energy from quantum fluctuations.

The fuzzy part of the interference pattern created by one particle interfering with itself is equivalent to the probability of the occurrence of quantum tunneling.




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